Biochemistry MCQs on Amino Acids

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1. A sulphur-containing amino acid is
(A) Methionine
(B) Leucine
(C) Valine
(D) Asparagine
ans a

2. An example of αα αα α-amino acid not present in proteins but essential in mammalian metabolism is
(A) 3-Amino 3-hydroxypropanoic acid
(B) 2-Amino 3-hydroxybutanoic acid
(C) 2-Amino 4-mercaptobutanoic acid
(D) 2-Amino 3-mercaptopropanoic acid
ans c

3. A vasodilating compound is produced by the decarboxylation of the amino acid:
(A) Arginine
(B) Aspartic acid
(C) Glutamine
(D) Histidine
ans d

4. An essential amino acid in man is
(A) Aspartate
(B) Tyrosine
(C) Methionine
(D) Serine
ans c

5. Non essential amino acids
(A) Are not components of tissue proteins
(B) May be synthesized in the body from essential amino acids
(C) Have no role in the metabolism
(D) May be synthesized in the body in diseased states
ans b

6. Which one of the following is semi-essential amino acid for humans?
(A) Valine
(B) Arginine
(C) Lysine
(D) Tyrosine
ans b

7. A ketogenic amino acid is
(A) Valine
(B) Cysteine
(C) Leucine
(D) Threonine
ans c

8. Which of the following is a tri-peptide?
(A) Anserine
(B) Oxytocin
(C) Glutathione
(D) Kallidin
ans c

9. A tripeptide functioning as an important reducing agent in the tissues is
(A) Bradykinin
(B) Kallidin
(C) Tyrocidin
(D) Glutathione
ans d

10. The amino acid from which synthesis of the protein of hair keratin takes place is
(A) Alanine
(B) Methionine
(C) Proline
(D) Hydroxyproline
ans b

11. The protein present in hair is
(A) Keratin
(B) Elastin
(C) Myosin
(D) Tropocollagen
ans a

12. The enzyme trypsin is specific for peptide bonds of
(A) Basic amino acids
(B) Acidic amino acids
(C) Aromatic amino acids
(D) Next to small amino acid residues
ans a

13. Chymotrypsin is specific for peptide bonds containing
(A) Uncharged amino acid residues
(B) Acidic amino acids
(C) Basic amino acid
(D) Small amino acid residues
ans a

14. An important reaction for the synthesis of amino acid from carbohydrate intermediates is transamination, which requires the co-factor:
(A) Thiamin
(B) Riboflavin
(C) Niacin
(D) Pyridoxal phosphate
ans d

15. Tryptophan could be considered as precursor of
(A) Melanotonin
(B) Thyroid hormones
(C) Melanin
(D) Epinephrine
ans a

16. In humans the sulphur of methionine and cysteine is excreted mainly as
(A) Ethereal sulphate
(B) Inorganic sulphate
(C) Sulphites
(D) Thioorganic compound
ans b

17. A limiting amino acid is an essential amino acid
(A) That is most deficient in proteins
(B) That is most excess in proteins
(C) That which increases the growth
(D) That which increases the weight gain
ans a

18. The amino acids involved in the synthesis of creatine are
(A) Arginine, glycine, active methionine
(B) Arginine, alanine, glycine
(C) Glycine, lysine, methionine
(D) Arginine, lysine, methionine
ans a

19. The limiting amino acid of fish proteins is
(A) Tryptophan
(B) Cysteine
(C) Lysine
(D) Threonin
ans a

20. Which of the following is a basic amino acid?
(A) Lysine
(B) Bile acids
(C) Glycine
(D) Alanine
ans a

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