Biochemistry MCQs And Answers

Physiologyplus has put together Biochemistry MCQs And Answers, from various Biochemistry exams and tests for health colleges and universities, online Biochemistry courses, and other medical training programs. Taking our Biochemistry practice MCQs will help you earn better grades in your Biochemistry courses. This will pave the way for your medical degree,nursing degree, or other allied health degree. Best Wishes!

1. Milk is deficient in which vitamins?
(A) Vitamin C
(B) Vitamin A
(C) Vitamin B2
(D) Vitamin K
ans a

2. Milk is deficient of which mineral?
(A) Phosphorus
(B) Sodium
(C) Iron
(D) Potassium
ans c

3. Synthesis of prostaglandins is inhibited by
(A) Aspirin
(B) Arsenic
(C) Fluoride
(D) Cyanide
ans a

4. Physiological glycosuria is met with in
(A) Renal glycosuria
(B) Alimentary glycosuria
(C) Diabetes Mellitus
(D) Alloxan diabetes
ans b

5. Glycogen while being acted upon by active phosphorylase is converted first to
(A) Glucose
(B) Glucose 1-phosphate and Glycogen with 1 carbon less
(C) Glucose-6-phosphate and Glycogen with 1 carbon less
(D) 6-Phosphogluconic acid
ans c

6. Fluoride inhibits ______ and arrests glycolysis.
(A) Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase
(B) Aconitase
(C) Enolose
(D) Succinate dehydrogenase
ans c

7. In a protein molecule the disulphide bond is not broken by
(A) Reduction
(B) Oxidation
(C) Denaturation
(D) X-ray diffraction
ans c

8. Denaturation of proteins results in
(A) Disruption of primary structure
(B) Breakdown of peptide bonds
(C) Destruction of hydrogen bonds
(D) Irreversible changes in the molecule
ans c

9. In adipose tissue prostaglandins decrease
(A) Lipogenesis
(B) Lipolysis
(C) Gluconeogenesis
(D) Glycogenolysis
ans a

10. Fat depots are located in
(A) Intermuscular connective tissue
(B) Mesentary
(C) Omentum
(D) All of these 216.
ans d

11. Salivary lipase is secreted by
(A) Parotid glands
(B) Sub-maxillary glands
(C) Dorsal surface of tongue
(D) None of these
ans c

12. Co-lipase is a
(A) Bile salt
(B) Vitamin
(C) Protein
(D) Phospholipid
ans c

13. Folate as a coenzyme is involved in the transfer and utilization of
(A) Amino group
(B) Hydroxyl group
(C) Single carbon moiety
(D) Amido group
ans c

14. Thiamin requirement is greater in
(A) Non-vegetarians
(B) Alcoholics
(C) Pregnant women
(D) Both B and C
ans d

15. People consuming polished rice as their staple food are prone to
(A) Beriberi
(B) Pellagra
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of these
ans a

16. 2, 3-Biphosphoglycerate in high concentrations, combines with hemoglobin, causes
(A) Displacement of the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve to the left
(B) Displacement of the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve to the right
(C) No change in oxy hemoglobin dissociation curve
(D) Increased affinity for oxygen
ans b

17. In the glycolytic pathway, enolpyruvate is converted to ketopyruvate by
(A) Pyruvate kinase
(B) Phosphoenolpyruvate
(C) Pyruvate dehydrogenase
(D) Spontaneously
ans d

18. Hexokinase is inhibited in an allosteric manner by
(A) Glucose-6-Phosphate
(B) Glucose-1-Phosphate
(C) Fructose-6-phosphate
(D) Fructose-1, 6-biphosphate
ans a

19. In mammalian liver the rate controlling enzyme in porphyrin biosynthesis is
(A) ALA synthase
(B) ALA hydratase
(C) Uroporphyrinogen I synthase
(D) Uroporphyrinogen III cosynthase
ans a

20. Calcium is excreted by
(A) Kidney
(B) Kidney and intestine
(C) Kidney and liver
(D) Kidney and pancreas
ans b

21. In iron deficiency anemia
(A) The plasma bound iron is low
(B) The plasma bound iron is high
(C) Total iron binding capacity is low
(D) Both the plasma bound iron and total iron binding capacity are low
ans a

22. Growth hormone is released by
(A) Somatostatin
(B) Growth hormone releasing hormone
(C) Prolactin release inhibiting hormone
(D) Luteinizing releasing hormone
ans b

23. Excessive secretion of ACTH causes
(A) Cushing’s syndrome
(B) Addison’s disease
(C) Myxoedema
(D) Thyrotoxicosis
ans a

24. All mammalian steroid hormones are formed from
(A) Purine
(B) Pyrimidine
(C) Cholesterol
(D) Pyrrole
ans c

25. A nucleotide consists of
(A) A nitrogenous base like choline
(B) Purine + pyrimidine base + sugar + phosphorous
(C) Purine or pyrimidine base + sugar
(D) Purine or pyrimidine base + phosphorous
ans b

26. The most abundant free nucleotide in mammalian cells is
ans a

27. In DNA molecule
(A) Guanine content does not equal cytosine content
(B) Adenine content does not equal thymine content
(C) Adenine content equals uracil content
(D) Guanine content equals cytosine content
ans d

28. The total body water in various subjects is relatively constant when expressed as percentage of the lean body mass and is about
(A). 30%
(B) 40%
(C) 50%
(D) 70%
ans d

29. In primary dehydration
(A) Intracellular fluid volume is reduced
(B) Intracellular fluid volume remains normal
(C) Extracellular fluid volume is much reduced
(D) Extracellular fluid volume is much increase
ans a

30. The metabolism of sodium is regulated by the hormone:
(A) Insulin
(B) Aldosterone
(D) Somatostatin
ans b

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